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For tasting whisky, a fresh glass is taken for each tasting and a small jug of water to slightly dilute the liquor. After tasting water is drunk to cleanse the palate. Here taking notes on the product can be helpful.

1.) Colour
Check the whisky colour. Swivel the liquor in the glass and keep an eye open for „church windows“ on the edge. If they flow slowly and thickly, it points to a good body.

2.) Nose
Swivel the liquid in the glass and note the scent. Are your sensory impressions – prickly, sharp, warm or cool? Try to describe the scent.

3.) Taste
Drink the whisky pure. The character is best assessed by adding a few drops of water. Note the feeling in the mouth – oily, waxy, dry, rough, etc. Then assess the structure of the main components: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. How long does the resonance last, and how is the aftertaste?

4.) Development
Ten minutes later try the whisky again to find out if the taste has changed.