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Each Cuaba has a special shape which is known as Double Figurado. This is the Habanos shape which was very popular at the end of the 19th century. One century later, in 1996, this tradition was revived in the factory Romeo y Julieta, where the Cuabas are produced.

Double figurados denote the zenith of the cigar manufacturing art. Thus they are indispensable in any cigar aficionado’s collection for this reason alone.

At the start the brand Cuaba only had four relatively small formats. In the meantime since 2003, there are now three considerably larger formats, the Distinguidos, the Salomones and the Diademas, which are part of the standard range today.

Like Cohiba, Cuaba is a Taino Indian word which was already heard by Columbus‘ men. It designated an easily inflammable shrub used by the Indians to light their cohibas (Indian for tobacco wrapping).

All formats have fillers and binders from the tobacco cultivation zone Vuelta Abajo, and are totalmente a mano, tripa larga – long fillers completely manufactured by hand.

Taste: medium strength to strong