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Cohiba is the most significant Habanos brand and one of the most famous cigar brands of all.

It was created especially for President Fidel Castro in 1966 and produced in the factory El Laguito, at that time kept top secret, is however today famed the world over. Apart from the private consumption by the Cuban leaders, the Cohibas were solely prestigious presents for heads of state and diplomats.

Since 1982, Cohiba cigars have also been sold in limited quantities on the free market.

Cohiba is an ancient Indian word for the wrapping of tobacco leaves which were smoked by these Cuban natives. The report of Columbus testifies to these wrappings as the first known type of cigar.

The Cohiba leaves represent the “choice of the choice“ from the five best vegas de primera in the areas San Juan y Martínez and San Luis of the tobacco cultivation zone Vuelta Abajo.

It is unique for Habanos that up to three of the filler leaves of the Cohiba, seco, ligero and the very rare medio tiempo, are fermented in barrels one more time. This unique process results in the special aroma and taste which only a Cohiba can produce.

There are four different líneas (lines) of the Cohiba brand: the first one is the Línea Clasica, the six formats of which were produced between 1966 and 1989. The second, the Línea 1492, consists of five formats, which came out in 1992 for the 500th anniversary of the long adventurous discovery voyage of Columbus. Ten years laters, in 2002, the Línea 1492 was expanded by a further format, the Siglo VI.

The Línea Maduro 5 consists of three formats and conspicuous in its cigars are very dark wrappers, which undergo maturation storage for at least five years (maduro, Spanish for mature). This line was launched in 2007.

Most recently, the Línea Behike was launched as the most exclusive Cohiba line. The three formats premiered in 2010. Their filler has the very rare medio tiempo tobacco, the uppermost pair of leaves which can only be found in some of the tobacco plants growing in the sun. The medio tiempo gives the cigar an exceptionally intensive and aromatic taste.

Thanks to this kind of innovation, the brand Cohiba asserts its top position among the premium cigars to the present day. It was the Cohiba brand which was also the very first one to have a Reserva in 2002, 2009 then a Gran Reserva. These cigars are made of three respectively five years specially matured tobacco leaves.

All Cohiba formats are totalmente a mano, tripa larga – long fillers completely manufactured by hand.

Línea Clásica – medium strength to strong
Línea 1492 –medium strength
Línea Maduro 5 – medium strength to strong
Línea Behike – strong